Technology: A Critical M&A Synergy Driver

When two companies merge to become a single entity, value creation is traditionally viewed through the lens of three synergies: revenue, cost and capital. Technology synergies, however, account for more than 50% of the total synergy value in most transactions.


Capture Value From IT Synergies

Firms that successfully navigate IT synergy  experience tangible cost reduction opportunties, resulting from the consolidation and optimization of the IT organization, processes, and systems, as well as opportunities from enhanced IT capability, including harnessing customer data for effective cross-sells, and enabling back-office process automation.

Five Enablers for Technology Synergy Realization 

IT Operating Model

✓ ERP & Business Applications

✓ IT Infrastructure

✓ Cybersecurity

✓ Change Management

A Guidebook From Your Experienced M&A Partner

Learn why technology should be considered a standalone driver of synergy, and how the experts at MorganFranklin utilize technology to capture value.