Transforming and Reimagining Your Organization’s Target Operating Model 

During times of economic uncertainty

In the journey to realizing your organization's strategic vision, your target operating model plays a critical role. To support this, an organization should perform a regular pulse check on its processes, organization design, technologies, and competitive considerations. This helps maintain alignment and provide support for both long-term goals and short-term objectives. As you prepare for the year ahead, it is critical to rethink and refine your target operating model (TOM) due to global economic uncertainty.


In this white paper, learn about:

  • Why economic indicators drive the need to reimagine your organization’s target operating model
  • Various focal areas and their cost reduction levers
  • The typical benefits from a comprehensive assessment and redesign
  • Success stories of ways companies have benefited from improving their TOM

Learn more about our authors:

  • Stephen Denman, Managing Director
  • Mark Woodward, Director
  • David Francoeur, Senior Manager
  • Drew Shealy, Director


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